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    Array Index Out of Bounds Error

      Hi All,
      I have a peculiar problem and I need some help.

      I'm developing a BIP Excel Template. I'm only using XDO_?XYZ? and XDO_GROUP_?ABC? labels in the template and nothing more.

      The data-model has 6 datasets. I've completed development of three of the datasets, but, when I try to use the XDO_GROUP_?ABC? for the fourth dataset, the following things happen:

      In BI Publisher, I'm getting a blank XLS with no data.
      In BI Publisher, the data is populating fine and there are no errors.
      In BI Publisher, I get the following error:

      Start Excel Preview
      only open: false
      mTemplate: C:\Documents and Settings\ABC\Desktop\XYZ\Q\Templates\Quadv3.2.xls
      mTmpTemplate: C:\Documents and Settings\ABC\Local Settings\Application Data\Oracle\BIPublisher\TemplateBuilderforExcel\tmp/tmp.xls
      java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
           at java.util.Vector.elementData(Unknown Source)
           at java.util.Vector.elementAt(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.xdo.excel.user.biff.RowBlock.getRow(RowBlock.java:488)
           at oracle.xdo.excel.user.bimpl.BSheet.getRow(BSheet.java:942)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.object.SheetObject.initSimpleFieldsIndex(SheetObject.java:125)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.object.BookManager.getSheetObject(BookManager.java:280)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.object.BookManager.collectAllNameObjects(BookManager.java:218)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.object.BookManager.process(BookManager.java:147)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.ExcelController.parseExcelTemplate(ExcelController.java:304)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.ExcelController.generateXSL(ExcelController.java:259)
           at oracle.xdo.template.excel.ExcelController.process(ExcelController.java:237)
           at oracle.xdo.template.ExcelProcessor.process(ExcelProcessor.java:244)
           at ExcelPreview.runXDO(ExcelPreview.java:110)
           at ExcelPreview.main(ExcelPreview.java:87)

      Note: If I try to access the same dataset in a separate Blank template in **, it works fine.

      Due to client restrictions and Policies, I can not upgrade to just yet and have to deliver the report in

      Could you please help me figure out whats happening and how i can fix the problem in

      Thanks in Advance.

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