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    converting Decode function in OBIEE

      Hi Guru's

      we are converting some BO reports to OBIEE and need to convert Decode function

      Below is the Decode function they are using:

      Decode ( sign(nvl(BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC.qty_shipped,0)), 0,decode(BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC.DELIVERY_NUMBER, 0,decode(BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC.Schd_Ship_date_fk,to_date('1/1/1990','mm/dd/yyyy'),'Next Month Backlog',decode(sign(nvl(BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC.Schd_Ship_date_fk, '01-JAN-90') -PAR.PAR_DATE), 1, 'Next Month Backlog', 'Current month will ship')) ,'Awaiting for collection') ,'MTD Shipped')

      i have tried converting into case :

      case when sign(IFNULL("BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC"."Qty Shipped",0)) = 0 then (case when "BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC"."Delivery Number" = 0 then (case when "BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC"."SCHD_SHIP_DATE_FK" = '01-JAN-1990' then 'Next Month Backlog' else (case when Timestampdiff(SQL_TSI_DAY, cast('@{ParDate}{28-DEC-2012}' as Date),(case when "BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC"."SCHD_SHIP_DATE_FK" IS NULL then CAst('01-JAN-1990' as DATE) else "BOOKINGS_DATA_UDTC"."SCHD_SHIP_DATE_FK" end)) > 1 then 'Next Month Backlog' else 'Current Month Will Ship' end) end) else 'Awaiting For Collection' end) else 'MTD Shipped' end

      But it is not workign as expected.
      Can some one please help me with this.