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    OBIEE - How to add developer comments?

      I was wondering how do other folks out there document changes to their OBIEE reports?

      I have worked on a few other applications where in the code we would add "comments" to specific pieces such as date of modification, when it was modified and by whom.

      Another example, working with WebFOCUS in a report they allow comments to be in it

      Being a bit newer to OBIEE I was wondering what best practices are there for documenting changes to the reports?

      This is from a developer stand point

      I would like to be able to add a time stamp of the change, what was the change and who did the change.

      It would just help our internal development team to see who worked on what and does not need to be exposed to the end user
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          The best way I've seen so far is to use a normal Version Control system for OBIEE Metadata. Check here for an example: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2009/01/simple-version-control-for-obiee-using-subversion-visualsvn-server-and-tortoisesvn/

          As far as reports go, we have always used documentation outside of the system so far. One method that has intrigued me recently is by adding the Catalog folder in question to RSS which is supported by OBIEE to get all the changes made in one place on a Feed Reader of some kind but I haven't had the time to test it just yet.

          Good Luck!

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