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    Requistion Approval Issue for iProcurement Approval Flow


      The instance details upon which i'm currently working are as follows,
      R12 Instance
      RDBMS :
      Oracle Applications : 12.1.1

      I'm currently working towards resolving an issue where in all the requisitions submitted by a particular user through iProcurement are resulting into the status Incomplete.
      After submission by the user the requisition approval workflow is kicked off and the approval request notifications are being sent out.
      The approvers have approved the notification as well.
      Inspite of all the approvals being gathered for this requisition, the workflow completes but the requisition status is set to Incomplete.

      Any pointers as to why this might be the case. Also could you suggest where i need to be looking to resolve this issue.
      The workflow i repeat always completes normally.

      Any suggestions or advise is much appreciated!!