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    Deployment error.


      i have added some products in my site..

      wen i start to deploy..

      Going through the 1st phase Ready for review it pops up on window "Assets in project 'Sitename' are not up to date and need to be resolved before proceeding".

      After this i try to close this, it goes to Bcc home page.. I could not deploy .. please guide to solve this issue

      Thanks in advance,

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          Please check any projects hung in "verify production" step that may have this asset in it.
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            Can you try to delete this project and run it with a new project.
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              No, there is no projects other than that site..
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                If i delete that then i have to add those 40-50 products from the scratch..
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                  Gopinath Ramasamy

                  I hope you are getting this error when you are trying to perform a task in the workflow of your project (like Approve for staging deployment). This error occurs when the assets in your projects become are no longer latest.

                  Please do the following.

                  1. Select the Assets tab.
                  2. You can see, for the out dated assets, the current version is not the same as the base version and it says 'merge with latest >> >>'. Select this option.
                  3. In the Merge assets that appear, you will be presented with a list of attributes / properties that are different from the current version of the asset. The options available are:
                  - Use my version
                  - Use latest version
                  - Merge selected properties
                  - Cancel merge
                  Select as per your requirement. Please take care in this step.
                  4. The assets will be merged and are updated.
                  5. Now go back to the Tasks tab and proceed with your task and the workflow.

                  Happy deployment :-)

                  Hope this helps.

                  Keep posting any updates / questions.

                  Gopinath Ramasamy