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    Error migrating SQL Server 2000 database to Oracle.


      I am new in SQL Developer.

      I read most of the help manuals available on the net.

      I am able to create connections to both SQL Server and Oracle database.

      I am also able to create the migration repository on the Oracle database.

      SQL server connection - TestSQL
      Oracle database connection - TestOracle
      Migration Repository - Migration_Repository.

      Here is the problem am facing:
      When I start Migrate to Oracle wizard, by right clicking the TestSQL database, I followed all the required steps and enter the necessary information. -

      It starts creating the project - say, TEST but after that it gave the following error:

      Migration actions have failed. Check the migration report for more details. : ORA-01400: cannot insert null into ("MIGRATIONS"."MD_PROJECT_ID").

      Please help.