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    How to select on which server to run the restore job?

      Hello gurus!

      We run OSB (Solaris)
      There are several media-servers in configuration one of them is temporaroly unavailable.
      When I issue a restore job on the admin server it tries to be execured on that media server which is unavailable, see the output of lsjob -l:

      Type: restore 1 item
      Restore to host: istore
      Media file number: 198
      Volume: OSB-CATALOG-MF-000014
      Restore original path:
      To path: /tmp/111
      Scheduled time: none
      State: retryable at 2012/12/12.13:18 ("lsjob --log admin/3" for details)
      Priority: 100
      Privileged op: no
      Run on host: mxdb-fin-2
      Attempts: 0

      I was unable to find any option which may tell OSB to run on istore server. Could you suggest any?