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    VM Manager 3.1.1 discover server job uses incorrect IP Address

      I have sucessfully discovered 3 servers with IP Addresses ( - ovs1, - ovs2, - ovs3), created repositories, created and run virtual machines without any issues. However when I try to discover a fourth server - ovs4, the job that is launched says that is is using IP address which is the address of ovs2.

      The job completes sucessfully but instead of discovering a fourth server (ovs4), it just moves the second server (ovs2) to the unassigned servers folder. However when you examine ovs2 the IP address has changed to that of the fourth server that I tried to discover. The console on ovs4 now says that it is managed.

      So the VM Manager gets confused over the identity of the server it has just discovered, mixing up parts of two different servers.

      I'm running VM Manager 3.1.1 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 and VM Server 3.1.1. The manager is a production install on 11g database.

      Anyone seen this issue before or could suggest a workaround.