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    Weblogic Tuxedo Connector configuration issue

      Hi all,

      I must implement a client app in Java running over Weblogic 9.23 to connect to a Tuxedo service using WTC (Weblogic Tuxedo Connector).

      I'm using JATMI api based in this schema:

      public String Toupper(String toConvert) throws TPException, TPReplyException {
      Context ctx;
      TuxedoConnectionFactory tcf;
      TuxedoConnection myTux;
      TypedString myData;
      Reply myRtn;
      int status;

      try {
      ctx = new InitialContext();
      tcf = (TuxedoConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("tuxedo.services.TuxedoConnection");
      catch (NamingException ne) {
      // Could not get the tuxedo object, throw TPENOENT

      myTux = tcf.getTuxedoConnection();
      myData = new TypedString(toConvert);

      try {
      myRtn = myTux.tpcall("TOUPPER", myData, 0);
      } catch (TPReplyException tre) {
      throw tre;
      } catch (TPException te) {
      throw te;
      } catch (Exception ee) {
      throw new TPException(TPException.TPESYSTEM, "Exception: " + ee);

      myData = (TypedString) myRtn.getReplyBuffer();

      myTux.tpterm(); // Closing the association with Tuxedo

      return (myData.toString());

      The point is the Tuxedo service provider gave me some examples written in C (not Java) which use TPINIT structure to supply programatically authentication params (usrname, grpname, cltname, ...) before starting the connection and calling tpcall().

      Where do these params enter the model above? Should they be supplied programatically inside my client code or should they be configured in WTC?

      Any help will be highly appreciated, many thanks
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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          This information is done under-the-covers through configuration:
          "Security and client authentication is provided by configuring the Remote TDM and Imported Services MBean components of a WTCServer MBean. This pathway is created when the WebLogic Server is started and a WTCServer MBean is present in the config.xml file and assigned (targeted) to a server."

          Using WTC you are trying to call Tuxedo services through Tuxedo domains. Your Tuxedo service provider should have domains configured and provide you with
          configuration information to define the remote access points and the services that are provided those those remote access points. Your WTC local access point will become
          a remote access point to your service provider's domains.

          Here is the WTC admin guide link:

          If your Tuxedo service provider does not have domains configured then you can not use WTC. You will need to find out what ways they allow remote connections to access their Tuxedo services.

          Bob Finan