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    Atg Doubt


      wat r the steps in BCC deployment..........

      Thanks in advance
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          Bcc deployment

          1.Select author to Ready for review then click Continue.
          2.Then select Content Review to approve content
          3.then approve and deploy to production then it goes to bcc home page.
          4. Afterthat,select All projects and tasks in the to do list.
          5.Select your project and accept verify deployment

          that's all

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            Gopinath Ramasamy

            Not sure whether you are looking for the steps in deploying a project (workflow) or what are the steps involved when a project starts its deployment. So giving both.

            1. Project workflow - Below link consists of the standard workflow. You can extend/customize it anyhow as per your requirements.

            2. Deployment process itself is explained in the below link.

            Hope this helps.

            Keep posting the updates / questions.

            Gopinath Ramasamy
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              See page no 15, Completing the Creation Process and Deploying the Assets heading in below link