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    Opening an Attachment in Human Task Giving Error.

    Siddhardha M
      Hi All,

      We have 2 servers. one for ADF and other for SOA.

      We deployed TaskDetails related EAR files into ADF server and BPM and SOA projects on SOA Server.

      When we attach a file in taskForm it works fine and we could see it getting added correctly.
      The url shows as adf.stage.com/integration/services/ADFAttachmentHelper?bpmWorklistContext=..................

      But when we try to open that by clicking the link.It throws error.
      Because it's trying to open from SOA server.The url looks as below..


      I am not sure why it's referring to SOA server while opening.

      1# Can someone tell me where is the issue.
      2# Where are these attachments store.