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    Regarding oracle demantra..,


      I am willing to learn Oracle demantra.What ever the basic stuff required and how should be the market of demantra.
      Can anyone please elborate either functional is good or technical is good.
      What is the market for either functional or technical..
      I hope anyone will help on this..,
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          welcome to the forum.
          For the Oracle-Docs on Demantra take a look at
          [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18727_01/index.htm] ORACLE-E-Business-Suite-Documentation  and search for demantra.

          Probably you try searching the forum with "demantra". Good luck.

          Actually I think you should close the thread here(!) , go right into the E-Business-Suite section of the forum

          [url https://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=3] OTN-Forum Oracle-E-Business-Suite

          and post your question in the "EBS-General-Discussion" with the additional question where you should post future questions
          on demantra.