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    Zoom Button Greyed out / Not enabled after Managed attachments configuratn


      I have configuring Managed Attachments for EBS and followed the steps as in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e17953/toc.htm

      2. Configuring the Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-In
      4. Configuring AXF Settings
      6. Configuring the Managed Attachments Solution

      After all, The zoom button in EBS is still Greyed Out and not able to navigate further. I have tried enabling the AXF master logging as per note (ID 852359.1) and no luck as I could not find the table ACORDEPROPERTIES in EBS schema. Please advice if am missing something here?


      21     21     application     CONSTANT     EBS_instanceA     07-DEC-12     07-DEC-12


      21     AXF_MANAGED_ATTACHMENTS     http://<Host Name>:<Port Number>/axf-ws/AxfSolutionMediatorService YES     

      Thanks in advance.


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