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    Database re-pointing in hyperion system 9.3.3

      Hello Gurus,

      We want to re-point our hyperion 9.3.3 products towards another database which contains data in that database.

      Here is complete scenario:
      1. We made 3 servers VMs as
      a. Database server (Sql 2005 SP1)
      b. HSS,RnA 9.3.1 (now Upgraded to 9.3.3)
      c. HFM,FDM 9.3.1 (now Upgraded to 9.3.3)
      Now Client want to copy all these VMs along with loaded data in databases in Development environment. Which is in same Domain.
      So we need to change Machine names and IP of all three machines.

      In this scenario what steps should we take or which document should I refer?
      What are risk factors in this kind of scenario?

      As of now I tried to reconfigure 9.3.3 but at the time of configuring shared service its not letting change server name while reconfiguration.

      Thanks in advance.