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    Stuck in the history

      Hi there,
      I seem to be stuck in the history. The worksheet window got somehow replaced by the history so that the normal editor just shows one query from the history. I am able to select different queries with ctrl-up and ctrl-down but i can't see all queries on one page anymore.
      Even closing and opening the script doesn't help.
      I want to be able to see all the lines in my worksheet again, thanks for help.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Sebastian,

          If moving your mouse over the edges of the worksheet/history panes does not display the usual double-headed arrow (either vertical or horizontal) that permits adjusting relative coverage, you need to reset your windowing layout preferences. On my Windows 7 system, for the latest SQL Developer release, those are located in:
          C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.\o.ide.\windowinglayout.xml
          Just exit SQL Developer, delete that file, then open SQL Developer again. You will need to open the Log and SQL History again from the Views menu.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Thanks for the help, this indeed solved my problem. What i still had to do is merge the history back into the file because somehow i saved the sql file after the problem occurred and through that the information saved in the file contained only the last commands. But now i got everything back the way it was.