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    ReadOnly columns on Tabular Forms (Javascript?)

      I have a question in regaurds to tabular forms. I have a tabular form set up, working perfectly. However, I want to be able to make certain columns readonly upon adding the new row (clicking new row button).


      1) Go to tabular form
      2) Click add row
      3) Once the new row apppears, the columns should all be read only columns (i.e. cant type in them)
      4) Exception: There is one column, a select list, that shouldn't be readonly.
      5) Depending on which value is selected from the select list, determines which columns will be editable, or un-read-only.

      - The last step is merely a conditional. The part that is plaguing me is accessing the actual columns of the tabular form. I'm not too sure how to go about this. Would I even have to make changes to the actual AddRow() function itsself?

      Thanks for any help in advance

      sincerely, #StillLearningApexGuy