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    Changing the RMS batch so we can make RMS more a 24/7 operation.


      My client has a requirement for their WMS system (not Oracle Retail) to have continuous access to the RMS database whilst the MOM RMS/RPM/ReIM/ReSA overnight batch schedule is being run.

      I know that there are particular aspects of the MOM batch when it is not deemed safe from a data integrity perspective for this access to the RMS database to be permitted. Is there a list of batch programs which must have sole use of the RMS database? This will allow us to consider which areas of the batch can run whilst still allowing WMS access and which areas demand WMS access is not allowed.


      Neil Kirk
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          Alan Lawlor

          We are interfacing with third party WMS systems (2 of them) which operate 24/7
          It depends on what you mean by "access" - if you simply want to be able to query the database, I can see no reason why this cannot be allowed at any time during the RMS batch.

          If you wish RMS to consume transactions on the RIB (e.g. shipping store orders, receiving POs, etc), I also found that I can do this at any time during the RMS batch without integrity problems OTHER than when salstage.pc is running.

          As SALSTAGE essentially performs a destructive read on TRAN_DATA, it might be dangerous to have any processes writing to there at the same time. However, as TRAN_DATA is a view alternating over tables TRAN_DATA_A and TRAN_DATA_B and salstage.pc performs a "switcheroo" from the full table to the empty table by recreating the TRAN_DATA view, there is probably only a microsecond of time where there is danger of salstage.pc crashing due to inability to get exclusive lock on TRAN_DATA view to rebuild it.

          While I have not tried it, my research points to the conclusion that the worst that could happen is that salstage.pc fails. This could be mitigated by setting up your job scheduler to retry, if such an error caused the job to fail.

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            Hi Alan,

            Many thanks for the reply, gives some very useful insight.

            Unfortunately I couldn't float this question by Oracle Retail EMEA as I resigned and left at the end of October. Currently freelancing on a project in the UK.