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    Repository changes in online mode in HA environment


      Is it possible to make changes to the rpd in online mode within a highly available (horizontally scaled on two virtual hosts, Host1 and Host2) OBIEE 11g environment without disrupting users? Here's what currently happens in my environment, and I believe this is the expected behavior:

      1) Open repository in online mode via Admin tool (connects to Host1, which is the master BI server).
      2) Make an update and save it.
      3) Some users will see the updates right away, some won't. The ones who see it right away are connected to the BI Server on Host1, those who don't see it are connected on Host2 at that particular moment. If the user keeps hitting refresh, sometimes the user sees the updates and other times does not (it depends on which host is used each time user refreshes browser).
      4) Restart BI Server process on Host2.
      5) Now everyone running a request on Host2 during the restart will get an error. They hit refresh, the error goes away because they are taken to Host1 now.
      6) Once the BI Server on Host2 comes back online, all users will see the update made in Step 2.

      Our problem is we want to have a HA environment but we also want to make several repository updates throughout the day in online mode without causing a disruption to our users. I don't currently see a way to do this without causing disruptions. Does anyone else have this challenge and if so, how do you manage it?