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    Custom Balance display in Payroll Register/SOE (US)

      I am facing a strange problem in Oracle Payroll.

      We have some custom elements and custom balances associated with them. These are calculating and processing properly in the Payroll however, when it comes to the SOE/Payroll Register they behave incorrectly.

      1.     Payroll Register does not display the balances/elements
      2.     SOE displays them but with double the value of run results. Run results are correctly calculated and are visible through the Run results screen.

      Multiple Payrolls are not run. This is happening only for those custom elements and balances we have created. The display in SOE and Payroll Register is appropriate for all other elements/balances.

      Strangely, the setup works well in our DEV instance but behaves as above on the TEST instance. Whatever setups I could check, appear correct and same across both instances.

      An SR with Oracle hasn't provided any much information.

      Any help/guidance/pointers are most welcome.