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    Configure grid alert to mobile via SMS

    Anil Malkai
      Hello All,

      We have oracle Grid control installed and it is sending us the email notifications. Now we want only critical alerts to be rooted to mobile by means of SMS.

      Does anybody has worked on configuring this?
      Please share ..

      Thank you,
      Anil Malkai.
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          We don't support sending of SMS notifications directly, however many of our customers have it working with support from their cell phone service providers. Specifically, the requirement/assumption is the SMS device should have an email address to which EM can send the email messages. The cell phone service provider should be able to help in identifying the associated email address of a cell phone. They should then configure the SMTP gateway settings in EM in order for EM to send email messages. In EM, they should also specify the EM user's email address (associated with the SMS device) to use the short-format notifications. Short format notifications results in sending messages in plain-text mode.

          Refer to the Notifications chapter of the EM Administrator's Guide for details on setting up the SMTP gateway, and specifying email addresses for a user.
          Here is the link to the doc for EM11g:

          Here is a link to the doc for EM12c:

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            Anil Malkai
            Thanks for the information. But we need this solution to support critical incidents. If anybody has a solution or work model to send critical alert via SMS will be of real helpful.


            Anil Malkai
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              The solution described earlier works for all incidents/events. What specifically are you looking for and what have you tried so far?
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                Anil Malkai

                We have already configured gird to receive email alerts. But during off hours along with email alerts we want to receive SMS alerts as well. We are unable to trigger SMS from email or grid setup. i am looking for solution where we can send out alerts to SMS. I am sure in most of the company people might have configured SMS alerts for critical alerts.

                Anil Malkai