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      • 15. Re: Need Help in Remote Manager and OIM Configuration
        You need to have Exchange Management Shell installed on that machine to have that file.

        To create mailbox using vbs script you need to have powershell configured
        Following link will allow you to configure it

        To install Exchange management shell follow below link

        If you are not able to configure it get in touch with admin and get it working.
        • 16. Re: Need Help in Remote Manager and OIM Configuration
          Sagar sir,

          Thanks for your kind support , i have installed exchange management tool , but now i am getting issue saying "Database Not found ". In my scenarion , we were using exchange 2007 initially , now we migrated to 2010 ....we have configured both properly on dev machine after installing RM on Exchange box , but on production its not allowed. So , to test prod scenarion i have used 2007 box to call 2010 script which is giving me error saying that "Database was not found".

          Do i need to install Exchnage Mgmt Tool for 2010 on 2007 box? and use that as RM system?

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