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    Problem facing with CSC Billing Page

      I have been working on CSC 9.4 migration, and I am facing the following issue:

      Whenever i reach the billing page, the order total isn't prefilled against the first credit card. Also, if I enter the value manually, the balance amount is not changing accordingly. Moreover, the calculator button before to the text box doesn't work at all.

      The billing page has been broken down into several pages in 9.4, unlike in 9.0.
      billing.jsp -> choosePaymentOptions.jsp -> displayPaymentOptions -> displayCreditCard.jsp, displayPmtCenterFrag.jsp, displayPmtEndFrag.jsp

      Now the issue lies with displayPmtCenterFrag.jsp, where the out-of box jsp has fn:length. This function has been used to set currency code and pass it to a function to calculate the Balance Amount. The lines have been replaced with the following lines:

      <fmt:formatNumber value="0" pattern="¤#" maxIntegerDigits="0" type="currency" currencyCode="${userOrder.priceInfo.currencyCode}" var="cur"/>
      <c:set var="curFn" value="${fn:length(cur)-1}" />
      <c:set var="curSymbol" value="${fn:substring(cur,0,curFn)}"/>

      When this wasn't working either I verified with the 9.0 newOrderBillingDisplayCreditCard.jspf, where the same logic was written.
      I replaced the ${curSymbol} with ${userOrder.priceInfo.currencyCode}" and then passed in as a param to balance amount script in the 9.4 jsp. This isn't working too.

      Can you please help us with the above issue and get back to us ASAP?

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