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    EM 11g is issuing shutdown immediate at will

      Hi, All,

      We recently upgraded our database to (RHEL 5 64Bit). We are also using EBS 12.1.3 on the same server.

      I am having a problem where EM seems to be issuing "shutdown immediate" command at will against the EBS database. I know that for a full backup it needs to shut the database down, mount it, back it up, and then open it. I have no problem when that happens at night when I scheduled it to run. The EBS will be unavailable during that time, but it is not a problem because nobody is using it after 6PM.

      The problem is, today I realized that when I restarted the server last week, I forgot to start the dbconsole and the agent (emctl start dbconsole), so I did that in the middle of the day, but then realized that a shutdown immediate command was issues against the database. I am the only person who can connect to that system, so for sure it is the EM control.

      How can I avoid this? What's causing it? Right after the shutdown command was issued and the Listener became BLOCKED, I checked the flash_recovery_area to see if the database was being backed up, but I did not see any new files being formed. Maybe I did not wait long enough? Was EM trying to catch up with the backuips?

      What is the best practice for managing a database with EM?

      I'd appreciate your comments on this.