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    Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 RAM upgrade

      Hi all,

      I want upgrade RAM memory in our server, now we have 16x2GB RAM in use.

      At the service manual for T5140 server are some constraints for memory upgrading:

      ■ Use only 1.5-volt FB-DIMMs in SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 servers.
      ■ All FB-DIMMs within a single CMP branch must have the same capacity.
      ■ If the System Firmware is at least version 7.1.7.f, the FB-DIMM capacities on
      different CPUs can be different.

      I would like to purchase two 8GB RAM module and I would like to use following module layout at motherboard:
      2|2|2|2 - 2|2|2|2 -- 2|2|2|2 - 8|0|0|8
      where 2 is 2GB module, 0 is empty slot and 8 is 8GB module. But if I checked service manual it seems that it isn't allowed combination. I am right?

      Also I would like to know if is possible to run memory modules with 1.8V, for example: http://www.crucial.com/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=D4E89A25A5CA7304 ... they write that it is memory for T5140 but in specification below is following: DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Fully Buffered • ECC • DDR2-667 • *1.8V* • 1024Meg x 72. I found many memory with this "problem" and I am not sure if I can use this memory. Sure, I found also these memories http://www.memoryxsun.com/t5140.html but I would like to know if the first mentioned memory is right for our server.

      Many thanks for some advice
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          Martin Brinkmann-Oracle
          Hi xTomy,
          you may want to have a look at


          page 8:


          FB-DIMM Voltage Compatibility

          Servers were originally shipped with 1.8 V FB-DIMMs in early 2008 until 1.5 V FB-DIMMs were qualified in late 2008. If you want to add additional memory to a server purchased before the release of 1.5 V FB-DIMMs, you must replace all 1.8 FB-DIMMs with 1.5 V FB-DIMMs and upgrade to Firmware 7.1.6 or later.
          Mixing of 1.8 V and 1.5 V FB-DIMMs is not supported.

          Hope this helps.
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            Hi gpsavd,

            many thanks you for your reply. It is what I need to know.

            If we will expecting that we have 1.8V RAM type at server, it is possible to upgrade server RAMs with new higher RAM capacity modules with 1.8V? Voltage will be same at all branches...

            Also what is mean "All FB-DIMMs within a *single CMP* branch must have the same capacity?" Capacity must be same at all 8 slots (two branches) or only at 4 slots (one branche)


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              as for the RAM capasity,is point 4 of the rules below an answer? If not could you elaborate?

              Memory Notes

              1. Eight, twelve, and sixteen FBDIMM configurations are supported on the system board.
              2. Eight and sixteen FBDIMM configurations are supported on the memory mezzanine.
              3. The system board requires sixteen FBDIMMs before installing the memory mezzanine.
              4. All FBDIMMs within a CMP must have the same memory size.
              5. If Firmware is < 7.1.7.f, all FBDIMMs must have the same memory size.
              6. Specific Firmware levels support different memory sizes on different CMPs
              (i.e. FBDIMMs in CMP0 can have different memory size than those in CMP1.)
              Supported with Firmware 7.1.7.f.
              Supported with Firmware 7.2.2.e, 7.2.4.e and 7.2.4.f, but
              BugID 6879970 affects mixed memory configurations with these levels.
              7. Mixing 1.8V and 1.5V FBDIMMs is not supported.
              8. Low Voltage 1.5V FBDIMMs require System Firmware 7.1.6.d.