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    HFM app does not consolidate

      Hi guys,

      When the user tries to consolidate, the application does not consolidate. I have to re-deploy the rules and then it works. It sounds like a bug to me, but I'm not quite sure.
      Have you experienced this issue?
      Version is


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          How does your HFM suppose to consolidate ? is it using consolidation method or using PCON ? if using consolidation method, have you setup ownership management ?

          Hope it helps.

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            What option did you choose for the Consolidation rules in the App Settings? If you choose "N" or "R" it should consolidate, but if you choose "Y" it means that you must supply HFM with your own rules - Sub Consolidate must have rules within it in order to consolidate.

            How have you determined the app does not consolidate? Do you see data in a base entity at [Parent Total} but nothing at all in [Proportion]?