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    af|PanelTabbed header wrap text


      Is there a way to wrap the header text of a paneltab to make it's width smaller?

      We do not want the overflow feature.

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          If you try to put a component inside of this component and that child component does not support being stretched, then the component hierarchy is illegal. To make it legal, you need to insert another intermediate component between this component and the child component. This intermediate component must support being stretched and must not stretch its children. An example of such a component that is commonly used for this purpose is <af:panelGroupLayout layout="scroll">. By using a wrapper like this, you create a flowing layout area where nothing will be stretched inside of it. Examples of components that do not support being stretched inside of these panelStretchLayout facets (and therefore need to be wrapped) include:

          <af:panelGroupLayout layout="default">
          <af:panelGroupLayout layout="horizontal">

          Siva Sankar