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    Loading time

      I need to know how long it takes for TimesTen to load data from csv. file to the empty table. This is very important for me, because my research will base on this particular time value. After I load data I only get information about how many rows where loaded and how many wasn't. Is there any way to check how long it took for TT to complete loading process?

      Thank you for any advices.
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          How are you doing the load? Are you using ttBulkCp? Or some other tool? You should be very careful how you measure these things since the default behaviour for TimesTen is to startup the database when something connects and shut it down when the last thing disconnects. If the only thing going on is the load then the 'time' will include the (potentially lengthy) startup and shutdown. You should set ramPolicy to manual and explicitly startup the database before doing any testing. Also, even then if you are using a tool the measured time will include connect/disconnect so to minimise the impact of that you should be sure to load a lot of rows. And to ensure the tool commits frequently.

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            Thank you for reply.
            I load data using ttBulkCp. The smallest table I will load (and I need time of loading) contains 20 000 rows, the biggest one - 905 000 rows. What I understood from your message is that I should first measure the startup of the database, later using the manul Ram Policy load the database. But how to check the lenght of startup, do I need some special tool to read times, or there is some class in TTClasses which can do it for me? or maybe I should write my own script? The main problem is, that I can't figure out how to read it? For example should I base on system clock ?
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              What I was actually saying was that if you want to measure the time it takes to load the data into TimesTen then you should be sure to exclude the database startup time from the measurement otherwise you will get a (very) inaccurate measurement. You can time the execution of any command using the 'time' command (if you are on Unix/Linux).

              Assuming your DSN was called MyDSN (just as an example) you would do something like...

              ttAdmin -ramPolicy manual MyDSN
              ttAdmin -ramLoad MyDSN
              time ttBulkCp -i .........

              This would report the wallclock time for the load (which is usually the measurement that people are interested in) along with the CPU time used by the ttBulkCp command (maybe interesting but not so useful).


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                Everything is clear now :)

                Thank you very much for your answers.