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    OIM 11g R2 - Provisioning to DB Application Table

      I have installed a DB Application table connector installed. I create a new GTC provisioning resource with parent and child table. It created the form for me automatically.

      Here is what my form looks like

      Parent Table Columns: user_id, department

      Child Table columns: user_id, role

      I have specified user_id in child table as a foreign key from the parent table. Once the forms are created I went to /sysadmin UI and create a new Form from Form Designer (request dataset in R1). It recognizes the parent and child relationship. Then I went an created a application instance with that form so that I can request it using a catalog. When I request the resource using the catalog, it provisions the user to parent table fine but does not provision it to the child table. Is there something I have to do extra to provision it to the child table? I've done this setup in R1 and it works fine without customizing anything other then creating a dataset.
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          Rajiv Dewan
          Did you add any value in Child Data Set while submitting the request ?

          I heard that there's some issue with Child Form Reconciliation but provisioning works fine (for one element)

          Refer: Multi-valued Attribute Values Are Not Provisioned To The Target System Via Requests [ID 1507171.1

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