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    BPM process withour initialize task?


      Is it possible to have a BPM process without initiate task?

      My Use Case:
      Pass some data to the BPM process during the instance creation.

      I don't find any way to pass the data during instance creation. I'm thinking of having a webservice call as first activity in my process where the webservice populates the payload data. So I would like to get rid of initiator task and would like to invoke/start the BPM process using BPM API.

      Please help.

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          Bill Wallen
          Leave the initiator task in your process.

          Look at the BPM API example here - http://java.net/projects/oraclebpmsuite11g/downloads/directory/Samples/bpm-api-101-instance-query

          Specifically, you want to look at oracle.bpm.sample.instance.InitiateCreditIncreaseRequest.

          Once you get a handle on the initiatedTask, you can manipulate the payload.