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    Output Text values getting duplicated when UDF attached to view form

      Hi Experts,

      I am getting a error where the output text is having duplicated values, when i am trying to attach existing UDF to view form. Like for instance, as mentioned below:

      Phone Number - 23456789
      State - CACA
      Country - UnitedStatesUnitedStatesUnitedStates

      When i add COuntry UDF, first it printed UnitedStates once, When i add State UDF, the country UDF value came as two time (UnitedStatesUnitedStates). When i added UDF Phone Number, Phone number came once, But state came twice (CACA) and Country came thrice (UnitedStatesUnitedStatesUnitedStates) and so on.

      The following are the two contrasting scenarios.

      1. First, I used existing UDFs which we created longback and tried attaching to the view form, I am getting the error i mentioned.
      2. Second is I created two new UDFs and attached to the view form, i am not getting any error. Its printing all the values once.

      It happened that i already customized the view form using Data Component - Catalog instead of Data Component - manage User for view form customization. I published that sandbox. Then I realized that it was a mistake, so i created a new sandbox, removed all the fields and then published that sandbox. The view form came back to as it was before modification. After that, i created one more sandbox, tried attaching UDFs to view form using Data Component - manage User---> UserV01, i am getting the error of multiple values as i mentioned above.

      Please guide on what i can do further to solve the error. Thank you for your timie in advance.