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    Unable to update OID user attribute userPassword in OID Rac

      We have recently updated our metadata repository from 10GR2 to 11GR2 RAC. Along with this change, we have updated the ip address of the SSO/OID server (metadata repository is non-colocated) and moved both servers network locations.

      Everything is working ok except that we can not update the userPassword attribute (and also can not create new users, I assume because of the userPassword attribute as well).

      With debug on, updating the password through either /oiddas or ldapmodify, the ldapd log file shows:
      2012/12/13:16:18:56 * DispatcherController:0 * Starting OIDLDAPD Server, PID=23619
      2012/12/13:16:43:37 * ProcessDispatcher:1 * sgslunuReadPort: Reading message on communication endpoint failed (32)

      Using the same methods (oiddas or ldapmodify) I can update any other attribute, so we don't believe its a firewall or connection issue.

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