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    Need help in testing end to end real time flow between Siebel and OEDQ


      I am new to OEDQ, I am trying to integrate Siebel With OEDQ.

      I have installed OEDQ, Configured Siebel Connector, Siebel Data quality settings as per advanced installation documents and siebel configuration guide.

      When i create a new Account in siebel, it has reached Siebel connector and i am able see the payload in jsdq and sdq log. But i am not sure if it has OEDQ.

      Is there a way where i can track inbound message into EDQ and outbound messages out of EDQ?

      Below is the OS and OEDQ details.

      OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard 32 bit OS
      OEDQ : edq-9_0_5_(770)
      CDS : edq-cds-9_0_3_(330)
      Siebel Connector :: siebelconnector-9_0_4_(694)
      Siebel Version :