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    Work books are not available to other user


      We have created a report in discoverer.
      When i ran the report the report is working fine.
      But with the same user if the other user is login into his system then the 'workbooks are not available'
      Please advise me an action plan how to fix it.

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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          Hello Nazzu
          Workbook not available is caused in one of several ways. Here are some of the possibilities and one or more may apply at the same time:

          1. Workbook has not been shared with the user - the most likely
          2. In E-Business Suite, the user has not been granted the responsibility to which the workbook was shared
          3. User is not logged into the correct database
          4. User is logged into the right database but there are multiple End User Layers and the user is not connecting to the one where the workbook resides.

          Best wishes