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    validate step retrieves ESSBASE target system meta data

      Dear all,
      for partucular reason we use for a specific dimension only *:* mappings.
      This mapping causes that the validate step is always succesful for that dimension.
      Sometimes we get an error during the export step, which says that the element does not exist in the ESSBASE meta data.

      So, I we implemented a logic that is retrieving the imported elements in the target system ESSBASE meta data.
      If they do not exist, the usre gets at the validate script an error pop-up.

      more or less following logic:


                Set API.IntBlockMgr.IntegrationMgr.PobjIntegrate = BlOCKPROC.ActConnect("GetDimensionMembers")
                If API.IntBlockMgr.IntegrationMgr.PobjIntegrate.intResult Then

                          'Get the Dimension list
                          Set objR = BlOCKPROC.DimensionList(CStr("UD1"), 99)          
                          If objR.lngListCount > 0 Then
                               Set RES.PobjXArray = DW.DBTools.fCreateXArrayDB()
                               RES.PobjXArray.LoadRows objR.varList     
                               For lngDimCounter = 0 To objR.lngListCount          
                                    USERARRAY.Add UCase(RES.PobjXArray(lngDimCounter, 0)), UCase(RES.PobjXArray(lngDimCounter, 0))

      MY ISSUE:
      With the upper logic all leaf members are retrieved. Is it possible to retrieve (a subset) only a specific node an its children/children-children/etc. or tree

      e.g. for this hierarchy only the recent members tree

      x Archived Members (not in Scope)
      x Member1
      x Member2
      x Member3
      x Recent Members (in Scope)
      x Member5
      x Member6
      x Member7