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    How does AIAErrorTaskAdministrationProcess sending notification to users?

      Hi Guys,

      I have one requirement to send notifications using AIAErrorTaskAdministrationProcess ?
      I have done the below configuration

      1. Accessing AIAConfigurationProperties.xml located in <AIA_HOME>/aia_instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/AIAMetaData/config.

      2.Set the EH.INVOKE.HWF property value to true.

      3. Uploaded above file to MDS. Reload updates to the AIAConfigurationProperties.xml file.

      configured the email address with user role AIAIntegrationAdmin using below points

      1.Access the My Messaging Channels page in the Oracle User Messaging Service standalone user interface: http://<soa-host>:<soa-port>/sdpmessaging/userprefs-ui.

      2.Associate an email address with an error handling user role.
      3.Ensure that the messaging channel name you enter corresponds to an error handling user role name you have created.

      Also set workflow notification properties as well as email driver properties

      outgoing server:xxxxx.com
      outgoing port:587
      outgoing security:none
      outgoing username:xxxx@companyname.com
      pwd: ......

      Followed the instruction in AIA Guide

      Tested the AIAErrorTaskAdministrationProcess using soap UI and it is not sending any notification with user : AIAIntegrationAdmin by default ?

      Which process in AIAErrorTaskAdministrationProcess is responsible for sending notification?

      how can we achieve notification alert using AIAErrorTaskAdministrationProcess?

      Can any one provide me solution?