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    priority 0


      I would like to add a job to my que with 0 priorty. My que parameter is -p 0 -q all.q -pe smp $nodes
      p=priority if im not mistaken...
      But still i get the job with priorty xxx depending on how many cpu is use in my job.

      If i look at a old job i see the following with qacct

      [root@SETHNLS063 lx24-amd64]# qacct -j 5028
      qname all.q
      hostname sethnls068.ad.vicura.se
      group hpc
      owner TE0093
      project NONE
      department defaultdepartment
      jobname ABAQUS-smp
      jobnumber 5028
      taskid undefined
      account sge
      priority 0
      qsub_time Wed Dec 5 13:38:34 2012
      start_time Wed Dec 5 13:38:48 2012
      end_time Wed Dec 5 15:29:09 2012
      granted_pe smp
      slots 10

      But if i look at the output from the old job it says:
      4987 0.50500 Star-CCM-s TE0084 r 12/01/2012 21:13:18 all.q@sethnls069.ad.vicura.se 6
      5005 0.50500 Star-CCM-s TE0084 r 12/03/2012 09:35:33 all.q@sethnls069.ad.vicura.se 6
      5024 0.60500 ABAQUS-smp TE0013 r 12/05/2012 11:04:18 all.q@SETHNLS065.ad.vicura.se 12
      5025 0.60500 ABAQUS-smp TE0079 r 12/05/2012 11:11:18 all.q@SETHNLS066.ad.vicura.se 12
      5027 0.60500 ABAQUS-smp TE0013 r 12/05/2012 13:25:33 all.q@sethnls067.ad.vicura.se 12
      5028 0.57167 ABAQUS-smp TE0093 r 12/05/2012 13:38:48 all.q@sethnls068.ad.vicura.se 10

      I thought it was only a output error but apparently the jobs with priority 60500 is really prioritized over jobs with 50500. Any ideas?
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          The job priority that is calculated for each job is more complex than simply the -p value that you use during job submission. Values which affect the calculated value include the project under which the job is submitted, the requested resources, submit time and a few others.

          To summarise, the following formula is used to calculate a job's priority:

          prio = weight_priority * pprio + weight_urgency * nurg + weight_ticket * ntckts

          where weight_priority, weight_urgency and weight_ticket are all values defined and configured in the scheduler configuration.

          Of course, this is only the short answer. For a full understanding of how the job priorities are calculated you should see the sge_priority man page. This gives a much more in-depth explanation of all the values used to derive the final priority.

          Hope this helps you understand how job priority is calculated.