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    What is meanby params and oas parameter

      Hi Gurus,

      What is meanby oas and params parameter stands for?

      If I am not wrong params is denoting the session and oas is key to retrive the value passing through the page.

      eg: RF.jsp?function_id=26132&resp_id=50673&resp_appl_id=880&security_group_id=0&lang_code=US&params=BL5xPNSH187W4rypw-SbURCKAkB-dwoxTXir.G-U-aIxXD91P5QAivPum6BU0KbD7z2Na56x8LWTRstjI6wraOtMbh8oTjCiSUikJjEariaKlUiGO6X1STeHa6VFbLklzu9uVD4Z7vC4x5M-CTSKyA&oas=6Xe4wI7_rFOXgfLnbBorYg..

      Can you please anyone help me on this urgent requirement.