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    PieChart - Pie colors - Not more than eight different colors???

      I have a fine looking JavaFX 2.2 PieChart and it works great. However - I have ten different pie data entries and I always want those ten to appear in the same color. So I set a CCS style like this:

      .default-color0.chart-pie {      -fx-pie-color: rgb(255,229,8); }
      .default-color1.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: rgb(0,160,16); }
      .default-color2.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: rgb(255,160,45); }
      .default-color3.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: rgb(31,95,241); }
      .default-color4.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: darkblue; }
      .default-color5.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: dodgerblue; }
      .default-color6.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: lightskyblue; }
      .default-color7.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: firebrick; }
      .default-color8.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: darkred; }
      .default-color9.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: orangered; }
      .default-color10.chart-pie {     -fx-pie-color: indianred; }

      The first eight colors work. But then the pie starts with the first color again. Upon refresh, the whole cycle get's chaotic - as the pie seems to always repeat eight the first eight colors. That sucks!

      Any ideas anyone? Or is this a bug?`