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    ADF Mobile Debugging ADF Mobile Applications


      what are the best practises of Debugging ADF Mobile Applications ? Please provide some info.


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          Sudipto Desmukh
          Did you read this - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35521_01/doc.111230/e24475/debugging.htm ?
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            Ben Wilcox
            I am having trouble following the instructions there to connect to an Android emulator. When does "adb -e forward tcp:<host port> tcp:<target port>" need to be run? And can applications be debugged while connected to VPN?
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              Joe Huang-Oracle

              ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is an Android SDK utility that provides interface between developer machine and emulator/Android device. This command needs to run using a command prompt - typically you would need to run in the directory containing ADB app unless you have the PATH env variable set up. ADB is typically located in <Android SDK Location>\android-sdk\platform-tools. First you will need to start the Android Emulator, and then run the ADB port forward command to set the forward port. You would need to configure the JDeveloper Java debugger accordingly, as well as setting Java Debugging to true in the cvm.properties file. You can then deploy your application mobile app on the emulator, start the JDeveloper Java debugger, and then launch the ADF Mobile app. It is important that you remember to run the Java debugger from JDev before launching the ADF Mobile app, or the app startup will hang while trying to connect to the debugger.

              On a side note, you can look at the logging output from the emulator using the ddms utility (In the Android SDK's tools directory).

              Good luck and let me know if you have more issues.


              Joe Huang