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    uninstall Problem


      I got a problem. I just tried to install an applet from a JCOP2.4.1 and it always says it doesnt work. If I tried with a simple HelloWorld applet it worked fine. Now I searched a little and found out that it may has something to do with static references. Is there a way to uninstall the app now or is it impossible now? :/

      And how do I make it right? Do I have to set all references to null in order to be able to uninstall it? Lets say I have a class
      public class AuthVerifier {
          private static PIN masterPin;
              public static void setMasterPin(byte[] buffer, short offset, byte length) {
               masterPin.update(buffer, offset, length);
      and the main class uses the method with
      What do I need to do that it is uninstallable? Do I just have to set masterPin = null? Or do I have to do more?

      I am sorry if some questions sound dumb :/ I am quite new to smartcards. Thank you for your answers :)