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    Guesstimate of efforts needed to install Oracle RAC for proof of concept

      Hello Oracle experts! I need your help!

      We've been asked to "guesstimate" the required efforts to put a 2 node Oracle RAC Database (11gr2) in our lab as a proof-of-concept. Unfortunately I don't have time to do a proper analysis, so I only need a ballpark figure from someone who's done this many times.

      Here is all the info that I can come up with. If you have additionnal questions to help make a more precise estimate, fire away.

      To keep it simple, please assume that the following setup is already in place :

      The 2 servers (Oracle T4-2's) are connected as follows (which, if I'm not mistaken, aligns or is pretty close to Oracle's best practices)
      - 2 Gigabit NICs for the public IP (LACP/Etherchannel) - connected to redundant gigabit switches
      - 2 Gigabit NICs for the interconnect (LACP/Etherchannel) - connected to redundant gigabit switches dedicated to the interconnect
      - 2 FC (8GB) ports to the SAN

      Additionnal info :
      - Each server can already "see" the same set of LUNS on the SAN (zoning and lun masking has been done on the san and FC switches, and the LUNS are not "exclusive" to a server on the SAN)
      - Solaris 11 has already been installed on the servers. (In fact, one of the server already has containers running Oracle DB... is this an issue that will complicate the installation process?)
      - Each server already has working IP addresses that can ping/reach the other node - 1 "public" address, 1 "VIP" address on the public network, and 1 interconnect address
      - We want to setup RAC, setup a sample database, and run some performance and failover tests using a Java application.

      Can you pros assist me? How much time would an Oracle expert need to setup this as a quick and dirty proof of concept? (the estimates are just that, estimates. 1 day? 1 week? 1 month??)
      Added points for a rough estimate of the efforts needed to do the same for a production grade setup? What are the additionnal steps you would plan for?

      Before the flames and insults start flying, please bear with me... I know there are probably a bunch of questions I haven't adressed, but I'm not familiar enough (and neither are our DBAs) to know what to add or ask.

      Any help appreciated,

      WL_n00b (which also happens to be a RAC_n00b as well hehehe)