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    Studio PDF Generation issues

    Ken Waters
      Hi All,

      Has anyone noticed studio PDF generation to output flawed text. In many cases text will look perfectly fine in studio itself, but upon any sort of PDF generation such as the testtool PDF output and WIPEdit Proofing, we observe overlapping words, or crammed/bunched up text.

      Are there any settings to tweak PDF accuracy or sensitivity perhaps. Perhaps anything that would influence how studio creates PDF output?

      Thank you in advance!
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          See if this resolves your issue, turn on the AdjustTextWidth INI option under the <PrtType:PDF> control group in your FSYSYS.ini or FSIUSER.ini file as per the following example:

          AdjustTextWidth = Yes
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            Bryan Burr
            I have not experienced this and have always found the PDFs to be spot on. I have noticed; however, that many users have the default 'shrink to fit' and other settings on within their PDF Viewer that causes the printed PDF to be skewed. Obviously this doesn't apply if you are seeing this on the screen rendering, but if you are printing a PDF from Adobe Reader you will want to ensure you don't have 'fit' or 'shrink to fit' or other print settings applied.
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              Ken Waters
              mmm "AdjustTextWidth = Yes" appears to be working well so far. I'm going to be testing this for most of the morning but I'm hopeful this is the ticket.
              Thank you so much!