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    NAS ZFS 7420c

      Hi All,

      I'm confuse the clustering feature on NAS ZFS 7420c. When the clustering feature'll failover on NAS ZFS 7420c? Which resource are monitored by clustron?

      Our customer concern network failure. below is scenario
      - data link failure
      - IPMP failure
      - LACP failure
      - network port failure
      - network card failure
      - network cable failure
      - network switch failure ( not redundacy )

      The NAS ZFS 7420c'll be failover to other node or not.. if it have above scenario. Could you pls help me to consult this scenairo on the clustering feature in ZFS 7420c.

      Thank you
      Sombut J.
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          NAS ZFS 7420c monitor only that partner alive via cluster interconnect. When he died, other head takeover corresponded resources.

          Any external network problem not cause failover. This events only will be logged.

          You infrasture should provied requirement reduncy.

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            Hi Nik,

            Thank you for your answer. So,I think if the network has problem, the NAS service is problem too. Administrator team have to manually take failover NAS service to other head. That's right or not. Pls help to suggest me. How can we protect this event.

            If I compare with netapp product, it can failover to other controller. Our customer still expect that 7420 should be the same feature on Netapp product. When the Oracle will support this feature. Pls help me.

            Thank you so much.

            Sombut J.
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              Administrator can manual switch service from one node to other.

              Every node monitor that all services running normal and restart him when sevice died. It's not cluster features, it's features of single node.

              NetApp can failover from one node to other, but it's not happen automaticaly when one node lost some network connections.

              So it't look same as ZFS storage.

              For resolve network problem you should configure link agregation or IPMP. It's protect from lost some network links without requirrements initiate cluster failover.

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                Dear Nik,

                Happy New year, thank you for your suggestion.

                Our customer known Cluster & IPMP feature on 7420c already. They still need the cluster failover , if the IPMP fail. So,I recommend them to have workflow script and monitor the IPMP with alert action. If the IPMP fail, the NAS controller'll reboot by workflow script.

                Have you see the failover workflow script which use with the IPMP fail ?

                Sombut J.