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    Issue with hssmigrate.zip

      Hello Gurus,

      I have recently upgrade Hyperion System 9.3.3 to EPM System and now in the phase of moving it to

      The 9.3.3 to upgrade was inplace and was successful. Now we are moving onto different server and replicating the database to perform the upgrade.

      While running the hssmigrate utility copied from the environment to the environment, I am getting the following error -
      2012-12-14 22:50:09,892 ERROR [main] com.hyperion.hub.upgrade.common.HSSUpgradeException.<init>(Unknown Source)
      Native Directory JNDI lookup failed : ou=People[Root Cause: [LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object] ]
      2012-12-14 22:50:09,892 ERROR [main] com.hyperion.hub.upgrade.css.CSSUpgradeHandler.exportData(Unknown Source)
      Unable to export Shared Services Security Data[Root Cause: Native Directory JNDI lookup failed : ou=People ]
      2012-12-14 22:50:09,892 ERROR [main] com.hyperion.hub.upgrade.HSSUpgradeExportUtility.main(Unknown Source)
       Shared Services Export operation is aborted : [Root Cause: Native Directory JNDI lookup failed : ou=People ]
      I am not able to understand, how can I run that utility, since because of the above errors it is getting aborted.

      Any help will be highly appreciated.