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    Object Home rename

    User408980 -Oracle
      Hi ,

      I am working on a POC. I need to rename some of the Obejcts like Incidents. I have made those changes by just renaming the Captions at the applet level. However uner frequently viewed Objetcs are My Incidents, All Incidents etc. which I am unable to change.

      Anybody has any clue how to go about renaming them.

      Thank you.
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          Have you tried to change the Symbolic String (String Reference) or to set a value at "String Override"?

          In order to make changes you should make sure that the object/project is locked or checked out!

          after any changes you should compile the object and make sure that you're compiling due the right SRF!
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            User408980 -Oracle

            thank you for replying. yes. I did check upon symbolic string override but that does not help. I am able to make other changes on the srf so that should not be an issue.

            If I go to web layout view of applet in tools I dont see these fields to change (MY INCIDENTS, MY Team's Incident etc.). All I could see there was a Description field, so I am guessing these values are not coming from a symbolic strings.

            I am guessing this is some other kind of configuration.

            Thank you.
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              Try the following:

              Go to tools >> Edit applet layout >> The you should see "Configuration Context" toolbar >> in the Application dropdown select "All Application" >> now edit the applet controls/columns!

              in case you don't see the "Configuration Context" tool bar: go to tools menu >> View >> Toolbars >> Check the "Configurtaion Toolbar".

              OR see the following:
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                Could it be that you are trying to change the Viewbar Text?
                If you look at the Object Type "Screen View" under "Screen" in Tools, you can find the Viewbar Text.
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                  User408980 -Oracle
                  Thank you again for helping out.

                  I am trying to edit "Contact Screen Homepage View" In this view under frequently viewed contacts I can see My Contacts, All Contacts etc. I need to rename the entities say I want Contact to be Customer or something else. I made changes at the applet level by updating the symbolic string override but this view I see nothing under web layout wizard to change. All I see is a description field.

                  Applet: Contact Home Public and Private View Link List Applet

                  Like this I need to change it for many other entities like Incident and others.

                  Please help.
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                    It's not in the Applet, but in the Screen View, as described in my earlier post.