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    help with excel

      Hi all ,
      i'm new to odbc .
      after 5 hours which i've tried to figure out how to do this , i'm turning to you experts.
      i got required from my manger project to make an option to an "end user" to use the option only thru the exce; , and not thru the odbc.
      the mission
      i got a text file which contain a complex query :
      select a,b,c,d
      from (
      from t)
      group by ....
      the goal is to take this file and to reload it into the excel.then make a pivot table.
      and then i guess to use the odbc ,
      the finale goal is then the user is entering to the excel and can run this query.
      for start please help me how to load this file into excel ,
      thanks in advance
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          Well, the main problem is that what you're describing is connecting and running a query, which you need ODBC (or some other connectivity to the database) to do. Without that,the best you can do is run the query once, save the results into Excel, and let other people reopen whatever the results were back when you ran it instead of getting the most recent version.

          You can run your query in Excel by hitting Data (assuming you have 2007 or 2010), From Other Sources, ODBC. Connect to the database, and copy your query into the SQ window. Excel will go off and run it.