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    Thanks for your elaborate reply.

    I ran into this when using ADF Business Components where you can select a binding style.
    One of these is Oracle Positional. I think this is much used in EBS.

    It is documented in JDeveloper Help:

    Oracle Positional
    This style represents parameters as colons followed by numbers, as in the following code fragment:

    WHERE bar = :1 AND foo = :2

    In this style, the numbers are just for easier readability: Parameters are passed into the view object in the order in which the numbers occur. The above fragment, for example, is equivalent to

    WHERE bar = :70 AND foo = :3

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    The Oracle JDBC Development Team always recommends using standard JDBC whenever possible. We optimize the code to support the standard methods and classes. Don't use Oracle proprietary extensions unless necessary. In this case, use standard '?' parameters instead of proprietary ':foo' parameters. I can't think of a case where you would actually want to use ':foo' and setFooAtName.

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