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    configuring pass-through for specific e-mails

      Hi all,

      (messaging version 7u3, on Solaris sparc)

      I have MTA which would works as "mail router" for several other systems. One MTA should do rewriting rules in headers, some sieve filtering and also catching e-mails which comply basic criteria and assign them to the channel. That criteria are just e-mail headers To: and From:.
      From: <any>@acme.com
      To: <any>@siroe.com
      So.. when e-mails are comming from acme.com domain and to siroe.com I'd need to somehow catch these e-mails and assigned them to channel tcp_from_acme-daemon.

      Any clue what should I search for in wiki / docs or other source?

      Many thanks,
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          There are some ways to do this sort of thing. But first we should clarify what you are trying to do and why.
          In general, it does not make sense to assign a destination channel based on a source address. The destination channel is all about how mail gets where it is going, not where it came from. Do you really want to cause all mail that comes from a given source to be enqueued to a specific destination channel? What is that channel supposed to do with them?

          You can use the $M or $N meta-characters to cause a rewrite rule to only succeed ($M) or fail ($N) if the message is coming from a specific source channel. See:


          Also see the following knowledge articles in MOS:

          Redirecting incoming mail based on source IP address to another remote MTA. (Doc ID 1012112.1)

          Messaging Server - Simple Way To Route Mail At MTA Level Based On User Attribute (Doc ID 1225494.1)

          How to route outbound messages to a specific channel and routing host. (Doc ID 1469177.1)