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    Where will we find dynamic option in web forms

      Hi, Gurus

      1.where will we find dynamic option in web forms?

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          Erich Ranz
          If you're talking about the dynamic POV in web forms introduced in, documentation only exists in the patch readme at this time. I've pasted it below.

          Support for Dynamic POV Member Lists in Web Data Forms
          This release provides support for dynamic POV member lists in Web Data Forms. You can create dynamic POV member lists to display dimension members that meet specific criteria. Dynamic POV member lists are created dynamically at runtime, based on the current POV member of one or more dimensions.

          Using dynamic POV member lists in data forms enables you to quickly populate rows and columns with valid members, depending on what has been selected in the POV. For example, you can create a dynamic POV member list that defines valid entities per year. When you select a year in the data form, the system displays only the valid entities that were defined in the member list for that year.


          YearPOV = HS.MemberListYear

          If HS.MemberListID = 12 Then

          If YearPOV = 2011Then
          HS.AddEntityToList "Group", "CORP_OPS"
          ElseIf YearPOV = 2012 Then
          HS.AddEntityToList "Group", "CORP_OPS"
          HS.AddEntityToList "Group", "CHINA"
          HS.AddEntityToList "Group", "GERMANY"
          HS.AddEntityToList "Group", "UK"
          End if

          The basis on which the dynamic POV member lists can be created are Scenario, Year, Period, Entity, but member lists can now be created for any dimension. For example, you can create Year lists based on Entity, Custom lists based on Scenario and Entity, Account lists based on Period, and so on. The dimension on which to base the list (Scenario, Year, Period, Entity) must be in the form POV to be effective. If the dimension is not in the form POV, then the HS.MemberList<object> rule returns an empty string.

          Administrators define dynamic POV member lists in application member list files. Dynamic POV member lists are identified with the (@POV) suffix, for example, <ValidForEntity>(@POV). Each member list file must include an EnumMemberLists subroutine to specify which dimensions have dynamic POV member lists, the number of lists for each dimension, and the name of each member list. The member list file must also include an EnumMembersInList subroutine to define the members in the list.

          Administrators can then add dynamic POV member lists to a form when they define the data form, in the same way that they add other member lists.

          In an application that has dynamic POV member lists defined, users can then use the Form Designer to select member lists for the rows and columns of the form. From the Member Selection dialog box, the valid dynamic POV member lists for the current dimension are displayed with an @POV suffix at the bottom of the dialog box, and users can select them in the same way as other members.