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    Looking for a way to move a rejected xml file after loading it

      Hi all,

      I'm currently looking for a solution to do the following:

      I've loaded multiple xml files into an external table and after firing a few queries on that external table, I've moved the xml data into a normal oracle table
      depending on a few values which need to be met (e.g. last two digits of column a need to be the same as the last two digits of column b)

      All of this works fine, but I'd like to be able to move the xml files which don't meet these requirements to another folder on the filesystem named e.g. 'rejected'
      now, my shell script just moves all the xml files to a processed folder after loading them into an external table.

      I've looked at utl_file.frename but I need to be able to automatically move more than one file if neccesary instead of filling in one filename in the frename statement.
      (maybe the filenames need to be entered into a separate table?)

      Thanks in advance and your help is much appreciated!